Terry Wickstrom, host of the popular television show "Angling Adventures" and his previous show, "Mountain States Fishing " that aired for 12 continuous year, is a nationally published outdoor writer. His articles appear in many of the most respected outdoor periodicals (In-Fisherman Walleye Insider, Fishing Facts, and many others).  An accomplished multi-species angler, Terry has been fortunate to have fished virtually every corner of North America. Growing up in Northern Minnesota, fishing has always been a major part of his life. As a tournament angler, television host and outdoor writer, Terry has spent time on the water with many of the best fisherman in the world, learning, teaching and sharing information. Serving on the "Pro Staff" of many top companies in the fishing industry, he has access to the latest innovations and technologies available to the angling world.  Terry enjoys virtually all aspects of freshwater and saltwater fishing, jigging for walleyes, fly fishing for trout, chasing stripers at Lake Powell, bass fishing in Texas, chasing tarpon off the Florida Keys, but among his favorites is ice fishing. Terry is considered among the pioneers of modern day ice fishing tactics.

Terry Wickstrom

Legendary guide and award winning outdoor writer, Greg Clusiau lends his expertise to our television and radio programming. Hailing out of Minnesota, Greg brings a following from the Midwest to our programs and an incredible wealth of fishing knowledge. In addition to co-hosting Angling Adventures television, Greg does a weekly newspaper column (Greg's Guidelines) for the "Scenic Range News Forum" in northern Minnesota. Greg's column is often picked up by other papers and his writings appear in many popular internet sites and magazines. A longtime fishing guide, Greg works with Justin Bailey Fishing & Guide Service, a popular four season guide service in northern Minnesota.

For more information, go to Justin Bailey Fishing & Guide Service on Facebook.

Greg Clusiau

Karen has produced over 300 broadcast outdoor programs, and is recognized nationally as a top outdoor videographer. She has also produced promotional videos and commercials for some of the biggest names in the outdoor world.  Karen is an accomplished angler who has fished from the Arctic Circle to the equator and has many master angler awards. She quite often finds herself in front of the camera bring a women's prospective to fishing and developing a following with our female audience.  Karen also produces our radio show "Terry Wickstrom Outdoors" on 1043 The Fan which began airing in 1998.  She often joins Terry on the air to give a women's prospective to the show.  She regularly hosts a series on the show called "Women in the Outdoors" which features prominent female outdoor personalities.  Karen claims her toughest job is not lugging cameras and crews around the world, but keeping Terry inline and on track.

Karen Kullhem

Terry, Karen and Greg have lived the outdoors their entire life. Their mission is to share their experience to help you enjoy what an outdoor lifestyle or even an outdoor moment can bring to your life.

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